Champions of Midgard: The Expansions

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Champions of Midgard: The Expansions
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$541,399.00 / 7,062 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: June 2017
Com upgrade kit legacy square thumb
Wooden upgrade kit #1 (Food and Wood)
Includes wood and food shaped pieces in a quantity to account for up to 5 players. NOTE: You mus... more »
Com total promo pack legacy square thumb
CoM: Previous promos set
Includes the Seezam Dice Tower troll promo, Odin's Trial journey cards, Despised destiny card and... more »
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Champions of Midgard: Expansions (Special edition) "Jarl level"
Includes both expansion in a nifty special edition box with limited edition art that will hold al... more »
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Wood upgrade kit #2 (Coin, Blame, Favor, Damage, Round Marker)
Wood upgrade kit #2 featuring enough wood pieces for up to a 5 player game of the blame, favor, c... more »
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Champions of Midgard Game board mat
High quality neoprene "mouse pad" game board mat. Integrates all boards for base game plus both ... more »
Com sleeve pack legacy square thumb
Clear Sleeves set
Enough high quality sleeves to fit every card in the game (including expansions, promos and base ... more »
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The Odin pack (Base game + Special Edition Expansion)
Includes the Base game plus the Special edition double expansion with all the free unlocked goodi... more »
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Learn About Our Project:


Over the past year we've spoken to many fans of Champions of Midgard at conventions, on forums and through email and we've heard a ton of great ideas.  So many in fact, that as we were developing we realized we had enough for two expansions.  Which brings us to this campaign.


 We also realized that there is little chance all of this new content is going to fit in the current box so, we've got a solution for that.  This exclusive box will be designed with a special insert to hold everything in one place, including sleeved cards.  Just pledge the Jarl level and your expansions will come in this custom box and will hold all the Champions of Midgard content you've got (plus all of the other exclusive goodies we unlock)!

PLEASE NOTE: Per the pledge description, the Odin level only adds the Base game to the Jarl level (It does not add the wood upgrade kit or any of the old promos).  If you want these extra bits, it is more cost effective to order the Jarl level and then do the Add-on for the Base game with all the bits.



Click the image above to view the PDF! (43MB, give it a second to load)
Click the image above to view the PDF! (43MB, give it a second to load)


Click the image above to view the PDF! (49MB, give it a few more seconds to load)
Click the image above to view the PDF! (49MB, give it a few more seconds to load)









New to Champions of Midgard?  Check out some of our great reviews, plus Wil Wheaton's Tabletop episode.  Please note: these are all reviews for the original game.  We are sending prototypes to reviewers for evaluation before this campaign ends.





If you are new to Kickstarter, the add-ons are the most confusing thing in terms of pledging since they do not work on a "cart" system like everything else does on the internet.  In order to "purchase" an Add-on, simply add the cost of the add-on(s) you would like to your pledge amount.  

Example 1: You live in the UK and you chose the Jarl level pledge ($50 w/ shipping)  and want to add the Base Game plus wood upgrade plus promos add-on.  You would add $60 to your pledge amount ($50 for the add-on and another $10 for the shipping of that add-on), bringing your total pledge amount to $110.  

Example 2: You live in Canada and chose the Jarl Level ($51 w/ shipping) and want to add the wood upgrade add-on. You would add $10 to your pledge, bringing you total pledge $61.

At some point after the campaign, we will send you an email with a link to the pledge manager, in here you will "spend" that extra money you pledged letting us know what add-ons you wanted before we ship your stuff.





While we would love to offer free shipping, there really is no such thing. Shipping is really expensive and we have tried to come up with pricing that accurately reflects our cost to get the game into your hands without creating a logistical nightmare on our side.  We expect that we'll have to come out of pocket a bit based on what we are charging and we are ok with that.  


We will also be using non-trackable shipments in some cases in order to save on cost as tracking can add 30-50% or more in some cases. So please understand if we do not have tracking with your package we did so knowingly. Rest assured, that we will get you your game and any risk associated with not being trackable is on us.   

Delivery time:

While we would love to get everyone their games at the same time, it is just not possible.  There is a high likelihood that some areas of the world will get their games before others.  Our commitment is to get the games ready and printed within 7 weeks of the KS completing (we've already done a ton of the prep work).  At the factory we will break out the shipments to each fulfillment company with instructions to them that they should begin shipping as soon as possible upon receipt.  In addition, because we have complete control over the U.S. shipments, we will not release the game to retail stores until at least two weeks after the last U.S. shipment has gone out.  You will not see the game on Amazon before you have it.


Lastly, we will be using fulfillment companies in different parts of the world and while we have done our best to insure we pick good ones, ultimately, once the games get into their warehouses there is little control we have at that point.   We have always done our best to bend over backwards for our customers and if for some reason there are any issues with damages, missing components or missing shipments we will make it right. It just might require some patience.

Why back this campaign?

While we have had some great success recently, we are still a relatively small company and we just do not have the funds needed to fund every project we do without some help.  Yes, you can wait for this to be available at your favorite online retailer, but we will be including some exclusives that you will not get otherwise, the game should be in your hands long before someone can get it from an online retailer and finally, we're really nice people, just ask our mothers.